Hip-hop, salsa, cha cha, mambo, rumba, jazz, flamenco, reggaeton, zumba cubana


Leandro Hernandez Cajides, born in Cuba, is a dancer, choreographer, show-man, singer and composer. Leandro is the Cuban soul at Danza il Tuo Viaggio. His multiple experiences as an artist make him one of the most popular dancers and choreographers in Europe. He danced for important TV shows and Latin dance festivals in Europe and he had the opportunity to perform with the famous orchestra Raza Latina. His style is original and unique. Combining different styles and music genres, he proposes innovative choreographies always adding the spice that most characterises his personality. He performed in national and international events with famous dancers like Jhesus Aponte, Rojelio Moreno, Albertico Calderon, Dani La Clave, Arnai Ferrelo, Alberto Valdes, Fernando Sosa, Rafael Gonzalez. Leandro is a multitasking artist, music is his passion and he performed in the Festival of Italian songs “Sanremo” in 2013. He is now producing his music record COMBINACIONES DE ALMAS, and he is continuously improving his techniques and his own style.