Let us add the right spice to your team buildings! 

New ideas, a fresh style to entertain your employees with the great benefits of dancing. 

Did you know that our business life can receive amazing benefits from dancing activities?

Building of direct relations, team building: Social Dancing (salsa, latin dance)

Determination and focus to the goals: Classic Ballet

 Leadership and ability to follow a leader without loosing our own control and determination: Tango

 Management of emotional intelligence, control of emotions and anxiety: Yoga, Body Balance, Dance barre, Body flow.

 Discover of our inner energy and strength, management of efforts and dosage  of energy: Afro dance

 Self- esteem improvement and self-awareness: Flamenco and Belly dance

 Set up of priorities and work loading awareness: Body workout

Danza il Tuo Viaggio is at service of your company environment with personalized programs!