“We are what we eat”. Danza il tuo Viaggio creates personalized food and lifestyle programs aimed at improving your health. Thanks to our extensive offer of locations and thanks to our food specialists and nutrition experts, we can design escapes dedicated to learn how eating according to the specific needs of your body. Cooking classes, food coaching and consulting will all happen in the beautiful frame of landscapes that Danza il tuo Viaggio will find exclusively for you.


- Cooking classes

- Private workshops with chefs and mixologists

- Sessions with nutritionists and food coaches 


Their smile is the best expression of the warm hospitality of Campania, one of the Italian regions with the best culinary traditions. Two young brothers, full of energy, with an amazing expertise developed in the best kitchens in Italy. Their cuisine is refined and sophisticated, and at the same time it reflects the simplicity and genuinity of their land of origin. An explosion of flavour and colors, creativity and art, a passion that is immediately visible in their eyes. They will bring their contribution as lifestyle ambassadors at Danza il Tuo Viaggio, transmitting their knowledge about healthy and guiding you through an unforgettable sensory journey.