'Venetian Villas' were built by the Venetian aristocracy beginning in the 1400s as a remarkable synthesis between a posh residence beyond the city walls and places where agriculture was carried out on a large scale. After decades of neglect and vicissitudes of war, what remained of the ancient villa was bought in the early sixties of the last century by the couple Alexander and Rosandra Sagramoso Sacchetti with the support and valuable advice of the Veronese historian Giuseppe Silvestri and the then superintendent Pietro Gazzola. In the following years, the Count and Countess Sagramoso Sacchetti undertook an admirable feat to recover the massive complex, restoring the villa and its relevant structures to new life.

The new generation of the family, represented by sisters Chiarastella and Ludovica, has decided to revive the essence of an authentic Venetian Villa, a patrician manor house at the center of agricultural activities, to allow visitors to experience the atmosphere and traditions of this ancient land.