Dance your way with us!

A dance, travel, hotels and lifestyle specialists group, adding rhythm to your experiences!

Danza il Tuo Viaggio is the pioneer in upscale thematic events connected to Dance, offering the opportunity of relishing beautiful places accompanied by the healing power of music and dancing. 
Our events are created both for people that like movement without any previous experience in dancing and for dance lovers that want to master a particular dance style taking advantage of a beautiful location and of the company of other travel friends.
We propose high quality activities perfect for personal events, incentives and team buildings. 
All our events include lifetime moments and propose authentic and indigenous experiences according to the place where they take place.

Our skills go beyond dance retreats, because thanks to our expertise in hospitality we are able to offer proposals that focus on lifestyle, wellness, culture and we always add our creative and personal touch. 

Italy is the main destination where we operate, however we love to include some special moments in foreign countries. 

Our added values? Organization, connections, precision and professionalism. We design tailor made experiences with attention to details, you can just relax and leave everything to our hands!

Our experience allow us to have the best connections and to cooperate with the best partners, being brand ambassadors of wonderful properties.



Giuliana Cucco

Born and raised in Sicily, professionally grown in Milan, I am professional in the luxury hospitality industry, and dance is my lifetime passion.
After my graduation in International Communications I had the possibility to start my career in the hotel business, working for one of the most important properties in Milan: Bulgari Hotels and Resorts.
Fell in love with hospitality, I decided to grow in this industry, working in the Sales and Marketing departments for other important companies worldwide: Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Armani Hotels, Leading Hotels of the World.
During these years I did all my best to combine my business career with the passion of my life that I started at the age of 7: dancing.

I remember when my mother first took me to the Ballet Academy in Sicily, I was a shy little girl totally captured by the elegant movements of my dancing teacher and I immediately felt that dancing was going to be something special for my life.
From that moment I never left my dancing studies, my teacher in Sicily was my inspirational muse and when I moved to Milan I had the opportunity to study with other amazing dancers approaching new dancing styles (flamenco, salsa, afro, modern jazz, latin jazz).

Few years ago my biggest dream became reality: I taught Latin dance to a group of young amateurs and I started organizing workshops in Milan with international Master Teachers.
Traveling a lot for business, I have realized that the most important thing for a frequent traveler is to have an easy access to his passions and hobbies around the world.
In addition, after working for a Travel Company, I have understood that today the real luxury for travelers is spending their free time without leaving at home their real passions and preferred entertainments.
Danza il tuo Viaggio (that means Dance your Journey) is my wish to offer the opportunity of combining two passions, dedicating ourselves to the real essence of life: a dance in the world beauties.

 “I was born by the sea, my first idea of movement certainly came from the rhythm of the waves”.
Isadora Duncan